Tali Spink


Every time I finished one of Tali’s sessions I had a feeling of accomplishment and intense feeling of wellbeing.

I only joined the gym out of pressure from work colleagues. Weighing a whopping 19½  stone, Tali took me on. After only 2 weeks I had already noticed a difference. I had more energy, I mentally felt better and already I had people commenting on myself looking smaller. By the time I had my first weigh-in I already had dropped one stone (1 month later). I was in disbelief.

I used to sit at my desk day in day out – never run before, as of today I am 15st 2lbs , I have run 2 half marathons and run a 55min 10k race. I’m an avid rock climber – I have gone from 0 pull-ups to 20. Need I say more ? None of this

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would have been accomplished without her help I can’t help but highly recommend Tali as a personal trainer to anybody I know. The only draw backs are, I had to throw away all my clothes they don’t fit anymore. People persistently telling me I’m looking better/Losing weight… I can’t get the tube anymore because I feel compelled to run to work.

Tali, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! You have changed nearly every aspect of my life.”

Kevin Omahony
Financial Engineer

Tali is a brilliant trainer and I would highly recommend her especially to any new mums. She is a great support and so lovely to train with whilst giving me just the right amount of push to achieve my goals. I have lost over 2stone and 10cm around my waist. More importantly I have changed shape so that i now have muscle definition and strength. I started training with Tali 4 months after my second daughter was born and she has worked around my schedule so that I was able to train both with the baby and while she was asleep.

Katie Mclean

An excellent, friendly trainer who will help you achieve your goals.  Tali can develop a detailed diet and exercise plan to suit your personality and aims. Great at getting you motivated! I have trained with her since 2007.

Gabriel Condor


Tali is awesome! Diet, strength, targeted toning, weight loss, fitness. She does it all. And she makes it super fun. Love her. With her help I completely transformed my body after having 2 kids and little sleep.

Genevieve McMahon

Special Effects Producer

Tali is an amazing personal trainer who I would highly recommend. Going to a personal trainer can be nerve wracking, well it was for me, but Tali quickly put me at ease.

She often changes my programme and introduces new exercise so I get the maximum benefit out of a session, and she is a wealth of knowledge on nutrition, muscle groups etc

Make it part of your weekly routine. You won’t regret it!!

Fiona Tuohy


Good banter and good boxing. Plus I need help stretching.

Tali is Amazeballs!!!!  

Glen Tonkyn

Softwear Specialist

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