Shamanic Healing

Healing from the heart of nature!

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Healing

I like to work in Nature, if possible while doing ceremonies. I often hold small group ceremonies to help clear trauma, lighten energy and gain insight. I also offer individual sessions at home or in the forest. Different ancient techniques are used as well as tools. These may include feathers, reiki, music chanting, crystals, ceremonial cacao, card reading and smudging to name a few. In Shamanism we work with energy. Most of my clients leave feeling light, relaxed and with insight at the end of the session.

Heal your Past & Change your future!

Feeling stuck? Do you want to get in touch with your spiritual side in a non religious way? Feel like you tried everything except Shamanism? Want to work on things in a different way? Now is the time to make a difference and unblock your energy! Let me help you let go of parts of your past that are holding you back and embrace the possibilities of your best future.

Soul Section

Shamanism works on your energy and soul. Its often relaxing, easy and healing. I will teach you to start using your intuition and gut more freely. Let me help to assist in your healing and happiness. I will help you to let go of stress, tension and find your inner calm. I often find that stress and trauma can manifest as pain in the body, working on releasing blockages and opening energy can give one relief and even aid sleep. Shamanism can help to bring insight and answer important questions. Let me show you how.

Benefits of Shamanic Healing

Spiritual Connection

Deepen your connection with spirituality

Emotional Healing

Address emotional wounds, find healing and inner peace

Energy Balance

Restore and harmonise your energy for overall well-being


Gain insight and clarity on life's challenges and your path

Stress Reduction

Feel light, relaxed and calm and more content

Physical Healing

Ease physical ailments using energy and spiritual practices

Personal Growth

Facilitate personal growth and self-discovery profoundly

Nature Connection

Deepen your connection with nature and its healing energies


Shamanic Healer Healing pathways

Medicine Wheel


Card Reading

Get in touch

I train clients in Chingford, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Highams Park, Woodford and Chigwell. I also offer Online Personal Training via WhatsApp Video or Facebook Messenger.

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