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Although most people think they have a general idea of how to eat properly, after my analysis I find they are eating too many quick-release carbohydrates and not enough protein. They are also eating at the wrong times and they are consuming either too much or the wrong type of fat. It is no wonder they were finding it hard to achieve their weight loss goals.

Why is nutrition important?

Everything you consume will affect your energy levels, body fat and mood. Lots of people grab sugary snacks like chocolate and coffee however still end up tired. Being tired often results in little exercise and unwanted stored body fat. I will show you how to balance out your blood sugar levels and increase your energy levels. How to burn fat and increase or maintain muscle while getting the best results.


Build Muscle? Burn Fat?

The body composition analysis (BCA) will inform us how much your muscle mass weighs and how much your fat weighs and body fat percentage. Based on your stats and goals I will devise a bespoke nutrition plan including a variety of options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I will also teach you how to prepare a number of delicious, healthy dishes.

Benefits of having a Nutritionist

Healthy Diet Guidance

Expert advice on balanced meals

Weight Management

Burn fat, increase and maintain muscle mass

Improved Energy

Balanced blood sugar levels = great energy

Disease Prevention

Lower risks of chronic diseases and illnesses

Mental Clarity

Improve focus, mental clarity and brain health

Balanced Lifestyle

Learn how to get results and still have fun


Increase your lifespan and mobility

Personalised Support

Get individualised guidance and support


Weight Management Nutrition

Zone Diet Barry Sears

Balance out blood sugar levels through food

Steiner Training

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I train clients in Chingford, Loughton, Buckhurst Hill, Highams Park, Woodford and Chigwell. I also offer Online Personal Training via WhatsApp Video or Facebook Messenger.

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