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NLP has been described as the art and science of communication but I would go further and describe it as personal training for your brain. NLP can be used to improve any and all areas of your life.

What is NLP?
‘Neuro’ relates to the mind and how we think. ‘Linguistic’ refers to how we communicate for example how things are said with body language and voice tone.

‘Programming’ addresses our patterns of behaviour and emotions. NLP tools are ideal for supporting health, time management, presentations and business goals, etc. When I started studying NLP I realised that I had been

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practicing or incorporating many of the techniques my whole life.

If you were to learn these skills you could:

  • Have the body you always wanted.
  • Get over that bad relationship that you can’t seem to move beyond.
  • Learn how to become motivated to excel in your career.

More examples of how NLP techniques can help you are:
Gain confidence while public speaking in meetings.
Ace interviews through learning the skills of rapport.
Break through mental and physical barriers in sports events or matches.

London NLP Practitioner - Tali Spink

Tali Spink – NLP Practitioner London

Choose Tali as your Life Coach.

Testimonials for Tali Spink – NLP Practitioner Chingford London

I first encountered NLP a few years ago and was interested in knowing how it could help me be more productive.

I bought a book and while I could understand the concepts I couldn’t really apply them to my own life. A few years ago I met Tali for a NLP session. I was finding it hard to cope with the loss of a loved one and also finding it hard to focus at work. Tali taught me some great techniques to deal with stress and also to help me focus on goals which were truly important to me. I would recommend an NLP session with Tali to anyone – even if you aren’t dealing with a difficult situation, it certainly helps you increase your productivity and live up to your potential.”

Vinod Vij

 Through my NLP sessions with Tali Spink I feel enabled to take a step back and assess situations and my own actions more effectively.

It has given me the ability to control my thoughts and emotions much better so that my reaction to situations is becoming more proactive and positive. Since beginning to work with Tali I think I approach things in a more rational, forward-looking manner – I’m learning not to get bogged down in past disappointments but to focus on how I want things to be in the future.”

Patricia Fiddes, CFA
Global Equities Analyst

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