September 2023

NLP Techniques

What do you need to work on or change to succeed? Perhaps some of these techniques can get you closer to your goals? Presuppositions NLP acknowledges presuppositions. These are a collection of thoughts that have helped many people become successful. Did you find an outcome that you didn’t want? Perhaps that outcome was a form of …

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Training Exercises

Kettle bell training Kettle bell training is a fantastic way to help tone and sculpt your body. The training targets both cardiovascular and muscle work simultaneously. This exercise works every muscle in your body. It is fantastic for your arms, back, glutes and core.   Turkish Get Up   Start lying down on your back …

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How to get your body back after having a baby and fit into your pre-baby clothes.

Wow, being pregnant was an amazing experience, creating a human being inside of me. The downside was becoming an emotional wreck with hormones flying all over the place and I had almost every pregnancy symptom in the book. I felt very nauseous the whole time and the only thing that stopped me from feeling, was snacking. For the …

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Halloumi Cooked Breakfast

Mushrooms – the bigger the better 2 eggs per person – Free-range eggs are better for you and better for the chickens that lay them. Halloumi cheese – A block usually weighs around 225g 2 tomatoes Toasted Warburton’s wholewheat squares – brown or seeded (a lighter alternative to bread), or pitta bread. Method: Slice your halloumi thickly. I usually …

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Chicken breast and cabbage salad

Ingredients: 120g raw chicken breast Spray cooking oil 1 tsp olive oil. Coarse sea salt 1 green chilli 1/2 onion 1garlic clove 1 tsp sesame seeds Fresh ginger Black pepper 1/2  Cabbage any kind is will do I enjoy crunchy sweet cabbage or red cabbage. Method:
 Use a meat tenderiser to pummel the chicken breasts …

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Nutrition Plans | Coleslaw salad