Tali Spink

UK Wellness Retreat

Want to work off the Festive Season?

Why not do a weekend retreat?UK Wellness Retreat

This is the weekend UK wellness retreat is for you.

7:30: Wake up

8:00: Cardio session

9:00: Breakfast

10:00: Pilates session

11:00: Nutrition workshop,  Wellness class / NLP Personal Development techniques

13:00: Lunch

15:00: Hike followed by meditation and snacks

19:00: Dinner

4th – 5th February 2020


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Got a group in mind?

Personalised retreats available. Please contact me at my contact us page

NLP techniques : 

  • Turn Procrastination into Motivation. ( Great exercise for sticking to a diet plan. )
  • Stacking Anchors to Create a different outcome
  • Presuppositions guide us to thinking in a lateral way.
  • Modelling Excellence
  • Mirroring and Matching
  • Circle of excellence

Feedback from last NLP workshop 

We had a wide selection of personal goals with different insights. The feedback I received was very positive and this is what some of you said:

I found the workshop very interesting and it made me view my problems in a different way.

I will visualise myself dissociated.

I feel inspired and motivated.

I didn’t realise that my goals weren’t SMART and therefore I struggled to achieve them.

Being able to listen to myself and identifying my wants and needs was interesting.

Feedback from Personal Training Clients. 

My energy levels are through the roof I now run to work when I couldn’t even imagine walking half way.

I can wear what ever I like. Finally fit in my old Skinny jeans but now my shape is better than it has ever been.

I am in the best shape of my life.

It’s hard work but Tali has the right balance of enthusiasm and knows just how hard to push me.

I always feel great after a workout!

Tali inspired me to change my life.

I changed my diet, quite smoking and started regular exercise.

Not only did my waistline come down but my eye site improved as my blood pressure came down. I had to change my glasses prescription.

The downside was I had to replace my wardrobe as I lost so much weight.