Tali Spink

Want to get fit but don’t have childcare or don’t want to leave your baby?Now you can! Do you have a group of Mummy friends who also want the same? Get together and split the cost.

Buggy Fit is a 45min group class which is fun and social and will consist of different exercises. Depending on the group it may involve Body Conditioning, Boot Camp, Pilates and Yoga. All Fitness levels welcome as there will be options of different exercises.

You can bring your baby even if they are sleep in the buggy or sling. You can incorporate them into the workout Tali will show you how.

I use Ridgeway Park, Chingford E4 6RS as one of my venues.

Booking is essential on 07910002654

You may need a picnic blanket, mat or towel. If it rains wear a waterproof jacket and put rain cover on the buggy. We have had some of our best workouts in the rain and the babies love it.

If you prefer a private bespoke class at your own home or various other venue choices maybe you are better suited to personal training with Tali Spink. Some of the benefits of post natal training is strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. Improve recti diastasis therefore close the gap inbetween your abdominals. Tone up your muscles and increase your metabolism.

If you are suffering from post natal depression or experiencing the baby blues, the release of endorphins from exercise makes you feel good and it is always helpful to get some fresh air, vitamin D. Through changing your posture you change your mood. Talking to other mums is often therapeutic.

Looking forward to hearing from you and meeting you and your baby.