Tali Spink

Tali Spink - Personal Trainer

Tali Spink – Personal Trainer

Why is personal training important?

Do you want to transform your body?

Let’s get your energy levels up and your body looking and feeling healthy.

I can devise a four-week plan that will transform the way you look and revolutionise how you feel.

In six weeks I managed to burn off 30kgs/5st that I put on in my pregnancy with focused training and a nutrition plan.

Let me show you how!

Why is personal training important?

Being fit helps gives you the opportunity to be active, running along the beach, going for outdoor walks, travelling to exotic places and playing sport.

You can labour away at a gym unproductively for years or come and see a personal trainer like me for fast and effective results.

I take into account proportion and posture, first guiding you to sculpt your body in an anatomically correct way.

Sessions are bespoke, designed to your particular needs focusing on your goals.”

Just because you haven’t achieved something in the past, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it in the future. Have the shape you want and have always dreamed of. Don’t believe that not everyone can have a six-pack with the right dedication you can.

I am currently working in North London

The Hornsey YMCA Fitness Centre Address: 184 Tottenham Lane, London N8 8SG

I also train clients and do workshops in Crouch End, Finsbury Park, Muswell Hill, Harringay, Highgate, Tuffnel Park and Hampstead in peoples homes, parks and studios.

Happy to travel to close areas.

My clients range from busy professionals to people who have flexible hours or are making the choice to change. I have helped hundreds of people lose up to six waist sizes and, moreover and stay there.


To be honest, I only joined the gym out of pressure from work colleagues. Weighing a whopping 19½  stone, Tali took me on.

From day one there was no messing about. Before any exercise my nutrition was addressed in such a way where I could still eat some of the foods I enjoy and prompted me to pursue new recipes, ideas for meals and what I eat and when, after only 2 weeks I had already noticed a difference. I had more energy, I mentally felt better and already I had people commenting on myself looking smaller. By the time I had my first weigh-in I already had dropped one stone (1 month later). I was in disbelief.

The training itself is intense I don’t think I could ever duplicate Tali’s Workouts on my own. She pushes you hard. I have often cursed at her (it’s a good thing) but she’s keep me focused each and every step of the way. But every time I finished one of her sessions I’ve had a feeling of accomplishment and intense feeling of wellbeing.

I used to sit at my desk day in day out – never run before, never really signed up to any physical activity and as of today I am 15st 2lbs , I have run 2 half marathons and run a 55min 10k race. I’m an avid rock climber – I have gone from 0 pull-ups to 20. Need I say more ? None of this would have been accomplished without her help I can’t help but highly recommend Tali as a personal trainer to anybody I know. The only draw backs are, I had to throw away all my clothes they don’t fit anymore. People persistently telling me I’m looking better/Losing weight… I can’t get the tube anymore because I feel compelled to run to work.

Tali, I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! You have changed nearly every aspect of my life.”

Kevin Omahony
Financial Engineer

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