Tali Spink

Tali Spink - Personal Trainer

Tali Spink – Online and in the gym Personal Trainer

Do you want to transform your body?

Let’s get your energy levels up and your body looking and feeling healthy.I can devise a training plan that will transform the way you look and revolutionise how you feel. In a few months I managed to burn off  nearly 4 stone ( 25kg) of fat that I put on in my pregnancy with regular training and a healthy nutrition plan. Let me show you how!

Why is personal training important?

Being fit helps give you the opportunity to be active and healthy. Have a better quality of life so you can spend time with your family and friends, going for walks, travelling and even playing sport. Most importantly preventing disease and other illnesses.

You can train unproductively for years without getting the results you desire or come and see a professional personal trainer like me for faster and effective results. I take into account proportion and posture, first guiding you to sculpt your body in an anatomically correct way. Sessions are bespoke, designed to your particular needs focusing on your goals.”

Just because you haven’t achieved something in the past, doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve it in the future. Have the shape you want and have always dreamed of.

I am currently working  live Online and around North East London

Why not train in the comfort of your own home or garden live with me online via video chat?

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E4 7QH and West Essex

My studio gym has free parking and is next to Chingford station E4 7QH

I specialise in training over 35’s.

I have helped hundreds of people lose up to six waist sizes and, moreover and stay there.

Do you want to get in better shape fast? Contact me below

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