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NLP TechniquesNLP Techniques

What do you need to work on or change to succeed? Perhaps some of these techniques can get you closer to your goals?


NLP acknowledges presuppositions. These are a collection of thoughts that have helped many people become successful.

Did you find an outcome that you didn’t want? Perhaps that outcome was a form of feedback that you need to try something else or do it in differently.

 Everybody has their own map of the world. People will see, hear, feel and understand things differently to you.”

You can apply presuppositions to problems to help solve problems and become more resourceful.


Visualisation is used in many techniques. There are ways to visualise goals that you want to achieve. These techniques set your mind up for success.

NLP Techniques

Time line therapy

Time line therapy is a very powerful tool involving hypnosis. Through time line therapy there are ways of going back into your past to address and resolve issues. I have experienced dramatic changes in many of my clients in as little as one session after they had previously been struggling with an issue for years.


Building rapport is an essential part of building relationships. When you speak, this is how people divide their attention when they observe you.

According to Mehrabian & Ferris (1967),

Just 7% of your impact is made by what you say. 38% is made through the tonality in your voice. But 55% of your impact comes from your body language, your posture, gestures, facial expressions and breathing.

Do you want to present yourself with confidence? For example when speaking in public you should stand with good posture therefore shoulders back, spine in neutral position and make eye contact with your audience. Pause when making a point and change your voice tone to keep everyone’s attention.


Anchoring is another popular NLP tool where we can reinforce positive states of mind. I find that this works well when you want to turn procrastination into motivation – to get a project or task done that you are putting off.

Swap wasting time online and snacking on junk for improving your body by exercising, eating healthily and working on your goals so you can enjoy your results.