How to get your body back after having a baby and fit into your pre-baby clothes.

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Tali Spink Personal TrainerWow, being pregnant was an amazing experience, creating a human being inside of me. The downside was I became an emotional wreck with my hormones flying all over the place and I had almost every pregnancy symptom in the book. I felt very nauseous the whole time and the only thing that stopped me from dry retching, which was very embarrassing I might add, was snacking.

For the first 5 months of my pregnancy you could not tell that I was pregnant, then in the last 3 months I put on 5 & 1/2 stone ( 35kg ). Yes I know, shocking really, even though I exercised and worked until 8 & 1/2 months into my pregnancy. I obviously adapted my training, decreased the intensity and ate carbs regularly.

I had a very long and difficult birth after which I could not sit down comfortably for a few weeks. Then my baby had tongue tie which meant that she couldn’t extend her tongue and was chafing me during breastfeeding. To this day she is still not sleeping through the night so sleep deprivation, feeling sluggish and depressed became a daily feature.

I was not happy with myself but wanted to get the old me back. Happy, fit, energised and toned. I made a choice to push myself even though I was so tired and started to exercise regularly which I was planning on doing when baby slept through. Thank goodness I didn’t wait as I would still be waiting. I changed my diet and ate clean for 1 month then ate fairly well. I dropped most of the weight I put on in 3 months and completely reinvented my body, energy and self-esteem. At times it was very slow, I must admit I stepped on the scale at the gym twice, once before and once after my workout, something I tell my clients not to do.

However I felt that helped keep me focused as I needed to see the weight come down. I couldn’t believe it when I was almost 100kg / 15st 10.462lbs on that scale, at times it felt so slow. I needed to get back to my pre-baby weight 65kg/ 10st 3.30lbs which,for me, is very lean as muscle weighs 4 times more then fat.

I cut out junk food like cakes and stopped drinking anything else except water, 1 coffee and 1 herbal tea per day. I focused on eating lean protein and vegetables. I packed healthy snacks in my bag so I was not tempted to grab something unhealthy when hunger struck suddenly. Luckily I knew what my body needed and how to work it out as I have eaten clean and trained hard in the past. I did a mixture of cardio and weights. Lots of walking around with my baby in her buggy/sling and then 1 high intensity class per week and another 2-3 pure weight sessions. I find weights and Pilates get the best results to actually sculpt and tone your body. By adjusting the intensity you can even work up a sweat and I am not a big sweater.

I started training a few local people including mums in the area some with their babies which we used as very practical weights! The babies loved it as the workout was like a game for them with Mum holding them doing squats, lunges, push presses, twists and a range of abdominal exercises with an addition of kisses, cuddles and baby talk. I must say its an amazing feeling to fit into my clothes and feel sexy again. You can too, I have trained women who ended up with a better body then they had before their first baby.  The most important thing is stay focused.

I offer more then just personal training. I offer NLP mind training to help get you super focused and stay focused, I offer personalised nutrition, designed from your personal stats and taking into account your lifestyle. My clients have the option to check in with me with their weekly food plan and weekly weigh in.

I recommend you train 2-5 times per week for 20min – 90min.


Together we can devise a plan that suits your budget to get you to achieve your goals! This usually involves sessions with myself and workouts alone or with other mums.


You can do it!


I work from a local gym with crèche, no membership needed. I also do home sessions and group sessions.

How about getting a group of mums together and booking a class in your own home?

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